New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date

New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date. While it is still only a notion, rumors suggest that the very high-quality Concept, which debuted at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, is equipped with eco-friendly lightweight materials for development. The Telluride Concept debuted with a drastically different overall appearance than we are accustomed to from Kia. This SUV was enormous, measuring 70.9 inches wide, 79.1 inches long, and 196.9 inches long, with a modified Sorento wheelbase of 121.3 inches long.

According to reports, the 2025 Kia Telluride will see minimal changes. This SUV has already seen tremendous developments, therefore the next model should not include any huge changes. The Telluride model is a relatively new SUV, having been produced only a few years ago. It soon gained popularity in the United States and among its target population.

However, various speculations suggest that considerable engine improvements may occur. The most recent rumor suggests that a new hybrid drivetrain will be introduced; however, this has not been proven. In any event, the new Telluride SUV is on its way, and here’s everything you need know about it.

New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date

2025 Kia Telluride Design

Before becoming popular, the 2025 Kia Telluride featured a straightforward design with numerous body system collections to help one’s eyesight go from one summary to the next. Furthermore, it has straight taillights, bonnet scoops, double fatigue, and a larger sized version of Kia’s Competition Nose grill. Of sure, some features, such as the rear-easy-to-open back entrances, will not make it into production Telluride, but we feel the others will come close.

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The redesigned 2025 Kia Telluride will receive moderate or mild exterior improvements. Simply put, there are so many exciting enhancements in the 2023 model that we are confident that larger changes will not occur until the complete redesign. The changes will feature new grilles, headlights, taillights, and bumpers. The best we can hope for in the coming years are modest enhancements such as additional color options and new optional appearance packages.

The mechanical setup hasn’t altered much since its initial use, and we plan it to stay that way. The Telluride is built for comfort, which it achieves in a variety of fashionable ways. This chassis and suspension combination isn’t especially nimble, but it’s still relatively straightforward to drive. According to what we know, the Telluride SUV will retain its existing dimensions.

New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date

2025 Kia Telluride Interior

Within, the 2025 Kia Telluride has a thorough understanding of the concept. One component we are ready to put into production is its multi-traveler perspective, which features two next-row captain’s seats and a third-row desk. We anticipate all of the most recent technological innovations, such as Look for engines, Android operating system Automatic, and Apple Inc CarPlay, high-quality speakers, heated baby vehicle seats, a massive touchscreen display screen, and much more.

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A similar story unfolds within the cabin of the 2025 Kia Telluride. Among the many noteworthy changes we noted, those big screens stood out as the most significant. A digital instrument cluster appears next to the upgraded infotainment screen. Even if the cabin appears to be quite sophisticated and technologically advanced, it yet has some fundamental elements.

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The Kia Telluride will improve on that, but do not expect a major interior overhaul. This interior is really nicely built, has a lot of amenities, and is extremely roomy. The seating configuration in the cabin will remain unchanged. The three-row seating layout stays unchanged. The Telluride mid-size SUV is expected to get additional driver aid systems and more standard amenities. Of course, new features will be accessible as options.

New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date

2025 Kia Telluride Engine

The 2025 Kia Telluride Concept demonstrated a variety of powertrains, including a 270-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and a 130-Hewlett Packard digital motor with a total 400 Hewlett Packard. In addition to its enormous energy, Kia estimates that this powertrain might provide approximately 30 mpg on the road. Even if this sounds wonderful, we’ll most likely stick with something classic, such as Kia’s turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 or 5.-liter V8.

The all-new 2025 Kia Telluride will continue its voyage with the current 3.8-liter engine. It is a powerful and dependable V6 gasoline engine that produces around 290 horsepower. An eight-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth, pleasant ride. The Telluride SUV will be based on the same chassis that offers a normal FWD system.

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The current model has a tow capacity of about 6,000 pounds. Furthermore, it achieves 23 mpg combined, which is respectable for the sector. However, Kia has grander intentions, and a hybrid vehicle may be on the road. According to recent reports, the Kia Telluride Hybrid would produce more than 300 horsepower and have a combined fuel economy of closer to 30 MPG.

New 2025 Kia Telluride Specifications, Price, Release Date

2025 Kia Telluride Price and Release Date

There is still little information available on the Telluride’s release date, however it is expected to be available in 2025 or 2020. Given that it is most likely included in the collection, expect the Telluride to be priced similarly to the Sorrento, which ranges from $26,890 to $47,290.

According to reports, the upcoming 2025 Kia Telluride will arrive in stores next fall. The initial price will be around $35,000. Serial manufacturing of the EV9 SUV is expected to begin in early 2023, with a starting price of $50,000.